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Wednesday, 13 November 2013

Christmas is approaching!

Christmas is almost here!

With Christmas less then eight weeks away its time to prepare for the holiday season and the changes that it brings. You’ve most likely already felt the nip in the air, seen the large coats come out and even had to turn up the heating gages yourselves to keep warm. Winter has arrived and it will only get colder and colder over the coming weeks.

Unfortunately with the cold comes the dreading heating bills. We have witnessed heating bills go up each year annually and that’s set to only get worse and worse. The last thing you want to do around Christmas time is waste money on bills, it’s a time to celebrate and enjoy the end of the year with family.

With the installation of Secondary Glazing you would see a drop in your heating bills as your home becomes better insulated. This doesn’t only apply in residential settings, commercial business and industries that upgrade to Secondary Glazing see the benefits of having lower fuel costs on heating and happier employee’s who stay warm while the wind blows outside.

Not do we see a drop in temperature at this time of year we sadly see a rise in crime too. The number of break-ins and burglary’s during the holiday period always see’s a rise. With criminals choosing whom to target based upon the home and its features. If your home or business looks an easy target, you will become a victim. One-way to detour criminals and not become a victim is Secondary Glazing.

The installation of Secondary Glazing scares away would be criminals and allows you to have peace of mind during the holiday’s either when you are at home or away with family and friends. There are also more benefits that Secondary Glazing can offer with no drawbacks there is really no excuse to not upgrade!

Upgrade before Christmas and see the benefits straight away, contact us on 0845 900 3899 or visit our website for more factual information and to arrange installation.
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Friday, 30 August 2013

Protecting Your Home: Secondary Glazing


Home security windows

Home Security: Secondary Glazing by Granada.
Criminals will aim for "soft targets" don't stand out as one.
Home security is a vital part of life. Your home isn’t just a place to live; it houses all your personal family treasures, memories and belongings. Not only that but your family also need to feel safe when at home.

Secure windows are a key aspect to protecting your home and family from burglars and vandals. A normal window is an easy target for any individual wishing to invade your home. Over the course of a year thousands will be victims to trespassers breaking in through windows or doors.

Granada has developed Secondary Glazing units to be a deterrent against these individuals. Most incidents end up being a “spur of the moment” offence. Where the criminal has spotted an opening and jumped at it. Properties with original single glazed windows or older types of double-glazing offer soft targets to criminals and are often most at risk.

We often think when leaving the home for a long period of time that leaving a light on or a radio will deter a criminal. Having a full range of Secondary Glazing on all windows is just as strong as any deterrent and we recommend that everyone look to upgrading their windows.

Our development and growth into the glazing industry has led us to become the number one provider in the United Kingdom. With this growth has come a wealth of knowledge. Development into our products and an understanding on the market has also meant that our products are the best choice.

You can’t take chances when it comes to your family and home. The affect a break-in can have is devastation and you’ll be left with “ifs”. Visit our website today and look into how to protect your home. We have a page dedicated to the protection of your home.

For more information, advice or to arrange services we offer please get in contact with us on: 0845 900 3899 or visit our contacts page. Our staff is more than happy to help with any inquiries you might have.
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Friday, 21 June 2013


Double-glazing for heritage, period & traditional windows

What is an historic or traditional building? English Heritage gives the following definitions: 

Solid wall construction
Bay windows 
Sash windows 
Single glazing 
Built without a damp-proof course
Probably built before 1919

In other words, the earlier traditional homes that form so much of our heritage - many of which are now Listed Buildings &/or in Conservation Areas - with original period single glazing of all types, including: 

Georgian casement & sash windows
Victorian casement & sash windows 
Edwardian windows & doors
Cristal-type steel windows & doors

The installation of discreet secondary double glazing for Listed Buildings, Conservation Areas & all types of heritage & historic windows is considered the best, and in fact usually the only, acceptable treatment: for: 

Creating comfortable living conditions
Reducing energy usage 
Cutting CO2 emissions
Conserving period properties

Apart from the strict regulatory controls on upgrading & improving Conservation Area & Listed Building windows, practical common sense also makes secondary double-glazing the product of choice.

Why Use Secondary Glazing in Period Properties?
During the last few decades of the 20th century, modern replacement windows spoiled the appearance of thousands of old Georgian, Victorian, between & post war houses, flats and apartment blocks.

Additionally, poorly designed replacement windows have actually damaged many older properties, which were not designed to be completely sealed up, by: 

Reducing ventilation
Trapping humidity
Creating condensation traps

To add insult to injury, many fine plaster & timber moulding details around the window reveals were needlessly destroyed.

All buildings need regular changes of the internal air to avoid: 

Damp & mold infestation 
Condensation on windows & other surfaces

This is particularly relevant for our Georgian & Victorian housing stock as these older properties need more frequent air changes than modern ones.

Modern double glazed windows do not enable an old property to “breathe” sufficiently in order to avoid problems and continue in a good, sound condition.

As a rule of thumb, a traditional building needs to be ventilated at a rate of:

0.8 to 1.0 complete air changes per hour
Which is twice that for a modern building

Since natural ventilation rates in many older buildings actually exceed this value, secondary glazing is normally very beneficial in reducing the rate & improving the thermal insulation.

Why Secondary Windows - Why Not Replace Them?
The reasons for using a secondary window rather than a complete new window in traditional properties can be summarized as follows: 

Regulatory control – generally specified by Planning & Conservation Officers 
Aesthetics – secondary glazing does not spoil the appearance of an older property
Protection of the fabric of the building
Protection of the value of the property
Costs of secondary glazing will be considerably less than replacements
Environmental costs of secondary glazing are far lower than replacements, in terms of the manufacturing energy usage and the disposal of the original windows
Most old windows can actually be repaired when necessary, frequently they have been needlessly replaced
Good quality secondary double glazing will be virtually invisible externally and extremely discrete internally
Conservation - to survive both structurally and financially, old buildings need to remain in use but with improved thermal and noise insulation and better security
The value for money will be greatly increased by installing secondary glazing due to the reduced costs of upgrading
Well maintained and insulated period properties are increasingly sought after
Reduced energy costs will quickly return the investment

Granada Secondary Glazing for Listed, Historic & Conservation Properties
In addition to our standard range of discreet secondary double-glazing, we also have a complete suite of secondary windows especially designed for period buildings:

The Granada Heritage Range of Secondary Glazing for Conservation
We have designed our Heritage Range specifically for older, traditional properties - it is unobtrusive but very effective, providing: 

Exceptional heat insulation 
Maximum noise reduction 
Concealed mufti-point locking
Clean, minimal site lines

Fixing methods are also concealed and a sympathetic range of finishing trims and mouldings assists in blending the secondary glazing into traditional surroundings.

Frames can be manufactured out of square, arched, radiuses or curved to achieve the best possible end result.

The full RAL colour range is available for colour matching as well as a wood grain effect - & decorative paint finishes can also be applied, so that each secondary window can be matched to either the existing or proposed decor.

Our secondary windows are installed in all types of period buildings for: 

Heat insulation - can comply with Document “L” requirements 
Sound Insulation - the most effective product for eliminating outside noise
The control of condensation
Improved security

Granada Secondary Glazing Installations
Our secondary glazing has been installed in houses, apartments and flats across the country - everything from country cottages, manor houses, barn conversions, mansion blocks, Art Nouveau buildings and thousands of other charming period properties.

Secondary Glazing Services for Listed Buildings (Grade l & ll) and Conservation Areas
We have worked in Listed Buildings and Conservation Areas for over 20 years and we can therefore give an expert service from initial contact and advice - through to the finished job - all supported by our unique knowledge base, depth of experience and most of all - by our expert personnel: 

Please call us for advice on any aspect of secondary double glazing for traditional properties 
We can provide specifications for your planning application
Request a site visit either for an initial consultation & advice or for a detailed specification & quotation 
Bespoke secondary glazing windows developed for larger individual projects
Complete after sales service – including comprehensive guarantees 
Everything that you need to know about listed buildings & conservation area regulations, including applying for Planning Permission or Consent, can be found here - England & Wales - Peak District - Scotland - NI - Eire - Jersey - Guernsey
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Wednesday, 8 May 2013

Protecting from UV for Carpets, Soft Furnishings, Pictures & Photographs!

A problem people don't often consider is the damage the sun can do! They pass it by until the damage is done, well at Granada we can solve this matter.

A secondary window offers so many added advantages to it, but this one is often over looked. Yet it can play a vital role in the household or any building which needs to perverse the items inside. UV damage most of the time can not be reversed, and to do so can be costly. So don't take the risk, let Granada help protect against this problem.

Where appropriate, for south facing rooms & areas with delicate furnishings and pictures, we can fit secondary glazing with specialist glass containing a clear UV filter to protect against the colour-fading effects of sun light, thereby protecting:

  • Soft furnishings
  • Photos & pictures
  • Carpets
  • Decorations

    To get your secondary glazing today, contact us be clicking here.
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Tuesday, 23 April 2013

Condensation - A Quick Introduction!

Identifying the Causes of & Controlling Condensation
We have been helping people deal with condensation control for many years and it can be a complicated problem - understanding it is often half the battle!

Our extensive research into the problem of general condensation and condensation on windows in particular is presented in the accompanying sections, where we discuss in detail:

Condensation is Normal!
  • It occurs whenever moist, warm air, encounters a cold surface.
  • It is most common during the coolest, dampest months of the year.

The Causes of Condensation 
  • One person simply breathing adds nearly ½ a pint of water vapour to the air every hour!
  • The Building Research Establishment has carried out in-depth research into the causes of condensation and they report that:
  • "80-85% Of dampness problems arise due to man-made moisture and condensation.”

What Causes Condensation on Windows
  • It is normal for condensation to occur predominantly on the windows.
  • This can apply equally to double glazed windows.
  • Convection currents are a major culprit.
  • Condensation on bedroom windows is a major problem.

To Control, Reduce & Eliminate Condensation our team of experts have researched into the problem and we are happy to report we have had much success in dealing with this issue. To find out how you can overcome this problem please visit our website and see the servers we have to off! Condensation need no longer be a pain to deal with!

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Friday, 19 April 2013

Our Commitment to You

Our commitment to customer care and relations is second to none. From the moment you get on contact with us we will do what we can to keep your concerns answered and provide you with the highest quality of services and customer commitment.

This speaks in whole truth from the 100's of positive customer feed back forms and testaments we receive through our website, all viewable Customer feedback.

We remain committed to:

  • - Designing and manufacturing the very best secondary double glazing, windows & doors
  • - Exceeding both your expectations and the norm for the industry
Additionally, we always strive to provide the same things that we ourselves value:
  • - A fast, reliable, friendly service
  • - Straight talking & honest advice

So for the best customer care and high quality products, get in touch with us today and we will supply you with the best service in the industry with the products to match!
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Friday, 12 April 2013

Secondary Glazing for Fire Resistant Windows

Granada Fire Safety!

Granada experience has not only covered the basic's of saving money and making your home more secure from criminals. We also have experience within making window safety for disasters. When a fire strikes you are never fully prepared. There will always be that shock and panic of the moment.

Our windows are designed to uphold against high temperature situations such as a fire for between and up to 30 to 60 minutes. Don't take a chance when you can protect yourself, your loved ones and your business!

Fire Resistance!
When refurbishments, conversions & extensions are being carried out, the existing windows can be upgraded rather than replaced by installing fire resistant secondary glazing units that have been 30 or 60 minute fire resistance tested in accordance with BS476: Parts 20/22.

Building Regulations - Material Change of Us!

Fire resistant secondary glazing can be installed to meet the requirements of The Building Regulations for A Material Change of Use - which state that fire resistant windows may be required:

* When additional living space is created by way of loft conversions
* When the use of a house or any other property is changed by converting it into flats
* When a non-residential building becomes fully or partly a residential property
* When flats are converted into single dwellings
* When a property is converted into a shop
* When a property is converted into a hotel, boarding house, institution or public building

The requirements are for the windows on the escape routes, including staircases and in protected areas such as the hallway in a flat, to be fire resistant:

* 30 Minutes fire resistance if up to three storeys
* 60 Minutes fire resistance if of four or more storeys

Building Regulations - Building Works to Existing Buildings

Steel secondary glazing with a fire resistance rating can also be used to meet the requirements of The Building Regulations - Building Works to Existing Buildings, which state that for any building works in an existing building that require Planning Permission, elements such as per-existing windows and doors must be upgraded to meet the requirements of the current Building Regulations.

For Approved Document B - Fire Safety, this will generally only apply in commercial situations.

Please contact us for further information or to discuss your specific requirements if this applies.


The above information is based upon the Regulations for England & Wales. Similar Regulations apply for Scotland, Northern Ireland, Eire & The Channel Islands.

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